Drawing Resource Exchange 2

Bristol Drawing School

27 June; 10.30am-2.30pm; £25

The Drawing Resource Exchange is an event for artists, tutors, teachers, students and drawing enthusiasts. It’s a chance for drawing lovers to get together to network and exchange ideas.

Are you planning a Big Draw event this October and need ideas?  Are you an art tutor needing to take a fresh look at drawing?  Are you an artist or student who needs to shake up you practice?

As part of the Campaign for Drawing’s CPD programme, the Drawing Resource Exchange will help to extend your drawing vocabulary and build your confidence.

Each participant will be asked to contribute their own 5 minute drawing activity to share with the rest of the group. Everyone takes it in turn and by the end of the session, we are all full of new ideas. Your drawing activity could be an exercise you use to warm up your creativity; a teaching tool; a drawing ‘game’; or a sample of a difficult technique. Bring your signature piece to share and receive fantastic ideas to leave you inspired, motivated and excited about drawing!

The knowledge share session will be followed by an opportunity to draw in the RWA galleries in the afternoon. A chance to take new ideas further, and see how they can be used in more sustained work.

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