Jamaica Street Artists Christmas Party

Thursday 3 December, 5-9pm
Sunday 6 December, 1-5pm

Mince pies, mulled wine, carols and … Art! 

Visit Jamaica Street Artists this December for our Christmas Party, and soak up the creative festive spirit in the beautiful setting of an artists’ studios.

Side by Side

Side By Side runs from Friday 30 Oct – Sunday 1 Nov, 10am – 5pm with a private view/opening party taking place on Friday 30 Oct, 5 – 8.30pm.

Bristol and Bath artists work Side By Side to celebrate Bristol 2015
Part of The Art Weekender, Bristol and Bath


Side by Side is an exhibition of collaborative work produced by artists from Jamaica Street Artist Studios in Bristol, and Bath Artists’ Studios.
Working between the cities, pairs of artists responded to the Bristol Green Capital theme of Resources to produce series of art works.

This exhibition is an opportunity to be introduced to the cities’ artists, as they are introduced to each other.

Our cities’ creative community is one of our greatest Resources, used to problem solving, thinking laterally, and never taking things at face value. The ability to adapt to new ideas and face challenges head on are everyday practice for the artist.
Using the word ‘green’ as their starting point for the project, and the group of painters, sculptors, photographers and illustrators found new creative partnerships and new ways of working in the development of the project.

‘Side by Side’ is the second exhibition in a series of projects bringing together the artists’ studios in the Bristol and Bath area. The first ’Side by Side’ exhibition was held in March 2010 at Bath Artists’ Studios and was curated by Lucy Ward and Claire Loder.

The exhibition features the following artists from Jamaica Street Artist Studios and Bath Artists’ Studios;
•         Martyna Zoltaszek (illustrator) and Mary Jane Evans (ceramicist)
•         Abigail McDougall (painter) and Ben Hughes (painter)
•         Trish Lock (conceptual artist) and Charlotte Moore (painter)
•         Adrian Skyes (painter) and Georgia Cox (painter)
•         Jessa Fairbrother (photographer) and Fay Stevens (performance artist)

The exhibition is part of the Art Weekender – Bristol & Bath. Art Weekender – Bristol & Bath is a three-day celebration of the visual arts across the two cities taking place from Friday 30 October to Sunday 1 November. Now in its second year, the Art Weekender is produced by Situations in partnership with over 30 arts venues, artist-led groups and arts producers. The weekender brings together exhibitions, one-off special events, artists’ talks, family activities and trails, public artworks and performances by outstanding contemporary artists in multiple locations across the two cities. There is free access to almost all venues and projects.

Throughout 2015, all eyes of the world will be on Bristol, the 2015 European Green Capital. Bristol is the first UK city to win this prestigious award which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase what’s possible when everybody comes together to inspire, create and achieve a shared vision for Bristol; making it a healthier, happier city and becoming the blueprint and role model for city living worldwide.
The Bristol 2015 Lab is a public engagement space for the Green Capital year, running family friendly, educational and inspirational events covering Green Capital themes: nature, transport, food, resources and energy. “
Jamaica Street Artists is a collective of about 40 artists, working in Stokes Croft, Bristol. The group is a unique and ambitious collective, with members exhibiting, collaborating and working both nationally and worldwide. JSA has been established for over 20 years and the studio is housed in a grade II listed former carriageworks – an iconic landmark in Bristol.
Bath Artists’ Studios is the largest provider of studio space in Bath, offering a supportive environment for artists to work, teach and develop their creative practice.
BAS hosts a full programme of regular classes and workshops in a range of arts practices and tutors are all practicing artists, some teaching from their studios and some from the school room.
BAS also has a gallery and project space, a flexible facility for artists and arts organisations to make and test new work or to stage exhibitions, events, talks and interventions.

For more information contact:
Lucy Ward
Studio Manager
Jamaica Street Artists
39 Jamaica Street, Bristol BS2 8JP
Tel: 0117 934 5667
Image credit: Ben Hamilton

Introduction to Experimentation and Techniques

Experimental Drawing Class at Bristol Drawing School

Monday mornings 10am – 1pm

Starts Monday 22 Sept for 5 weeks

Each week we will experiment with materials and drawing methods to build confidence in observation, recording and expression. We will focus on a new theme each session using games, exercises and longer projects, employing an experimental approach to our drawing practice. This will be a fun and relaxed class whilst still pushing you to work in new ways in order to improve your drawing. We will break from the usual way of doing things to re-evaluate how to draw and what drawing is for. 

 “When the outcome drives process, we will only ever go where we’ve been; If process drives outcome, we may not know where we are going, but we will know we want to be there.” Bruce Mau.

Bristol Drawing School

Drawing Resource Exchange 2

Bristol Drawing School

27 June; 10.30am-2.30pm; £25

The Drawing Resource Exchange is an event for artists, tutors, teachers, students and drawing enthusiasts. It’s a chance for drawing lovers to get together to network and exchange ideas.

Are you planning a Big Draw event this October and need ideas?  Are you an art tutor needing to take a fresh look at drawing?  Are you an artist or student who needs to shake up you practice?

As part of the Campaign for Drawing’s CPD programme, the Drawing Resource Exchange will help to extend your drawing vocabulary and build your confidence.

Each participant will be asked to contribute their own 5 minute drawing activity to share with the rest of the group. Everyone takes it in turn and by the end of the session, we are all full of new ideas. Your drawing activity could be an exercise you use to warm up your creativity; a teaching tool; a drawing ‘game’; or a sample of a difficult technique. Bring your signature piece to share and receive fantastic ideas to leave you inspired, motivated and excited about drawing!

The knowledge share session will be followed by an opportunity to draw in the RWA galleries in the afternoon. A chance to take new ideas further, and see how they can be used in more sustained work.

Lap-top Life Drawing Workshop
15 March 2014, 10.30am-4.30pm; £50
An opportunity to draw from life using your lap-top, ipad, or tablet device and share techniques and methods with other enthusiasts. An untutored and informal life drawing class, with an emphasis on experimentation and knowledge-share.
Participants must bring their own device to draw with and power cable.

Bristol Drawing School